Instagram is THE platform to be for all girlbosses.

Everyone else seems to be just killing it-- getting thousands of followers, many of those people getting on the email list, eventually becoming paying clients…

But your Instagram account says otherwise.  

Lots of crickets.  

Gaining 20 followers, only to lose 23 followers the day after….  

Bugging your best friend to take 600 photos of you, trying to get that PERFECT Instagram photo… And doing that every single day in order to keep up with the “image” you’re supposed to have of the platform.  

Spending HOURS scrolling through the feed, following and unfollowing, trying to write the perfect caption… And looking at your analytics at the end of the month, only to see 7 new followers (with none of them on your email list).  

And spending other good chunk of time and energy attending Instagram webinars, downloading cheatsheets etc… Then getting even more confused when you try to implement a little bit of everything (and a little bit of rage when you end up LOSING followers instead).

That’s why we’ve created InstaCrush Society.

Here at InstaCrush Society, we KNOW that you have more than enough potential to blow up on Instagram. And we want to help you get there. Joining InstaCrush will prevent hours of wasted time trying out different strategies.

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Hi! I’m Katie Mander, the founder of InstaCrush Society, and I’ve been in the business of Instagram for over 5 years.

I first joined Instagram as a high schooler in 2011, mindlessly editing pictures without realizing that it would one day be my entire life.

During the early years of Instagram, my friends would send me pictures and ask me to edit them and help come up with a good caption. I had no idea that it would be a job one day! In college at Loyola University Maryland, I majored in Digital Media and Advertising and minored in Business. I also worked on campus doing social media and design for the university. I then went to Fordham University for graduate school where I got my Masters Degree in Strategic Communication.

My passion for social media led me to start my own social media business straight out of grad school. I started managing Instagram accounts for bloggers and business owners and designed graphics and templates to improve their aesthetic.

Now my mission to is educate others on how to successfully, and easily, manage their own Instagram account without wasting their precious time, energy, or money. Over the years, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on courses, ebooks, masterclasses, and more - on top of my degrees. I want to help women avoid purchasing hit-or-miss courses or sitting through 2 hour masterclasses just to learn that all of the good content is going to cost thousands of dollars.

I’ve also joined tons of stock photo memberships and graphic libraries over the years. I figured that instead of joining dozens of different sites just to create one great Instagram account, I’d create an all-in-one place that has everything you could possibly need!

Instead of feeling like you need to stay on top of the Instagram trends and ever-changing algorithm, members of InstaCrush Society are updated whenever there’s anything happening in the insta-world that they should know about. We stay on top of the nerdy Instagram stuff so you don’t have to!

Today, there are over 600 amazing women who are crushing it on Instagram as members of the InstaCrush Society. We would love for you to join us!

Here’s a sneak peek of all of the valuable content you’ll get when you join the InstaCrush society!

Instagram Post Graphics

instacrush instgram post graphics

 Instagram Story Graphics

instacrush instagram story graphics

Lightroom Presets

girlcrush presets instacrush

Stock Photos

instacrush instagram stock photos
instacrush instagram stock photos

hashtag library


And so much more, including:

Exclusive Engagement Pods

Canva Templates

Fill-in-the-Blank Captions

Lessons & Tutorials

Hashtag Holiday Calendar

Facebook Group

Affiliate Program


So what are you waiting for? Join the society today
& let’s start crushing it on Instagram!

Here’s What Our Members Are Saying…


“instacrush blows other programs out of the water.”

“As a social media manager, I do a ton of Instagram work and trainings so I know what’s out there. Believe me when I say this: InstaCrush blows the other programs out of the water. On top of all of the other features, you get pre-written captions (HUGE timesaver), a quotes collection, stories templates, AND stock photos from a professional photographer. So it’s not some random person shooting flatlays — it’s an actual photographer. No one else offers anything this good!”

— Ash Kennedy (@creativefreedomva)

“Since joining InstaCrush, my Instagram account has improved dramatically.”

“Both my followers and engagement have increased and this has transpired to my blog also. The resources provided as part of the membership are of the highest quality and so valuable. There’s also the added support of the private Facebook group. The team at InstaCrush are always available to help, and are a delight to deal with. I look forward to working with the InstaCrush team further - I know this is without a doubt one of the best business decisions I have ever made.”

Alex Cook (@itsnotcomplicatedrecipes)

“my instagram game is on point & so are my clients’ from the value i have received from instacrush.”

“I joined InstaCrush when it first launched, and I had no doubt that it would be amazing. Katie has been my virtual BFF for a while and we are always running ideas past each other. When she talks about InstaCrush you can tell she has so much PASSION for what she is creating and how much she is helping other people. I have to say my Instagram game is on point and so are my clients’ from all of the value I have received from InstaCrush. We are constantly trying to figure out the next best thing to uplevel our Instagrams — well here it is. InstaCrush and the community that comes along with it will not only teach you and support you but will also help your social media succeed instead of becoming stagnant.”

— Alexa Bartimus (@healthydashofsass)