Instagram is THE platform to be for all girlbosses.

Everyone else seems to be just killing it-- getting thousands of followers, many of those people getting on the list, eventually becoming paying clients….  

But your Instagram account says otherwise.  

Lots of crickets.  

Gaining 20 followers, only to lose 23 followers the day after….  

Bugging your best friend to take 600 photos of you, trying to get that PERFECT Instagram photo… And doing that every single day in order to keep up with the “image” you’re supposed to have of the platform.  

Spending HOURS scrolling through the feed, following and unfollowing, trying to write the perfect caption… And looking at your analytics at the end of the month, only to see 7 new followers (with none of them on your email list).  

And spending other good chunk of time and energy attending Instagram webinars, downloading cheatsheets etc… Then getting even more confused when you try to implement a little bit of everything (and a little bit of rage when you end up LOSING followers instead).