Fashion Bloggers Share Their Best Instagram Tips

fashion blogger instagram tips

If you’re a fashion blogger or you’re looking to start a fashion blog, you need to be on Instagram. Instagram is a visual social media platform which makes it a great place to be sharing fashion trends and photos! Businesses are investing millions of dollars into fashion influencers on Instagram due to the amount of success and power that Instagram has on shoppers today.

Now is the best time to get started with your fashion Instagram because Instagram is making it even easier to shop straight from the platform. Today, is the most popular influencer shopping platform that allows Instagrammers to link the products that they’re wearing in a post for their followers to shop! Influencers make a commission whenever someone purchases through the app. Instagram’s upcoming update will allow Instagrammers to link to products directly on their posts. The feature is still in closed beta testing, but will be available to a wider audience in the future.

Here are the best Instagram tips from top fashion bloggers!

Anna of Lifestyle by Anna Elizabeth

“My biggest piece of advice is to go for it; start today. If you have been putting off starting your own fashion Instagram account for awhile now, just know that there's never going to be a "right" time to start. No one is going to grant you permission to call yourself an "influencer" or a "blogger". As a perfectionist myself, I know the internal struggle of wanting everything to be "perfect" before launching or sharing your content with others. But, the reality is that you're never going to start if you're waiting for everything to be perfect. My advice is to launch quickly and adjust along the way. Remember that nothing is permanent; you can continue to learn every day, listen to your audience's feedback, and pivot as needed. The content on my website and Instagram account from when I first launched to now are drastically different. It would be easy for me to be embarrassed looking back and comparing the two, but I know that if I didn't start where I was then, it never would have evolved into the brand that I am so proud of today.

My second piece of advice is once you begin, make sure that you are consistent in the amount and the quality of the content that you are putting out. From the outside, it may seem as if fashion influencers (or influencers and bloggers in general) have an easy and glamorous life. Many people make the assumption that "anyone" can do this job. What you don't see, however, is the countless hours behind the scenes spent planning, buying, negotiating, pitching, styling, shooting, editing, writing, marketing, learning, posting, engaging, etc. that contribute to their success. Sure, "anyone" can create an account and throw up a picture of their outfit here and there, but that doesn't mean they are going to be successful or stick with it for the long haul. If you intend to take your Instagram account beyond just a hobby, then you should prepare yourself for the amount of time, energy, and money that it will require to be successful. I think that the best thing you can do is to take yourself and your passion seriously and treat your Instagram account like a business. It will not be an overnight success and the likelihood of you going viral or reaching 100k within the first year is unlikely. However, if you work at this day in and day out, listen to your audience, and show up consistently to provide valuable content, you can create a future for yourself in this industry.” - @lifestylebyannaelizabeth

“With any platforms - it takes time to grown an engaged community. It's important to keep in mind the tips below as well as avoid the comparison game.  For anyone looking to grow their IG profile I recommend the following:

  • Be Consistent: Figure out a schedule and content creation that works for you. I post everyday on IG. That is a lot of content and captions to create. Figure out a weekly schedule, whether its Monday OOTD Work Wear or Wednesday Wisdom, find what speaks to your audience and what you can really produce.  

  • Be true to your real voices - Your audience can tell if your voice is authentic or not. Who you are, translate from your caption to what you are sharing on your IG stories.

  • Don't be afraid to experiment - as you start to build and grow your community it's important to experiment with your content, images vs video, personal vs editorial content. Figure out what resonates with your audience. You never know what may work for you and your community.

  • DO NOT Buy Follower Or Likes - This is always a bad idea, even if your engagement is low, at least you have engagement. Buying followers or Likes is a slippery slope, especially with brands shifting more towards engagement metrics, rather than reach. Focus on the followers you have and getting them engaged, (i.e.putting out 'thumb stopping' content). The rest will follow.” - @whit_wanders

Audrey of Audrey Madstowe

“My best tip for starting and running an IG/blog or influencer space is to be consistent and transparent. Know your audience and be yourself! Show up every day on your IG and be open about your life. Don’t be afraid to try new things but also know your niche. Try out different things to see what sticks/works and at the end of the day.... be YOU as that’s all you can do. Consistency will shine through in the end!!” - @audreymadstowe

Jennifer of Love Jen Marie

“The best advice I could give to someone who is interested in starting a fashion Instagram account would be to just start, right now! As someone who is a perfectionist, I waited forever to learn how to edit photos and get that perfect “aesthetic and content”. If you want something bad enough, you can get it!

I love the quote “done is better than perfect”. Someone will always have more followers than you, more likes than you and different outfits from you! Don’t look at the competition, just start and BE YOU! ✨” - @love.jen.marie

Micaela of Hint of Strawberry

“Be you and do it unapologetically. Be confident in who you are, your passions, and ability to be successful. Don’t hold back. Know that this is a lot more work than just pretty pictures and cute outfits- people want connection, they want to be inspired. Show your followers and potential partnerships why they can trust that you’ll provide them with genuine and authentic content. Don’t ever self doubt, compare, or down play yourself either. That will set you up for failure. Learn to let rejection be a learning experience and not a personal attack and how to let negativity roll off your back and not something you hold on to. You can do this if you’re ready to put your heart and soul into it without trying to be like everyone else.” - @hintofstrawberry

Rachel of Pinteresting Plans

“Consistency is key. It’s an emotional roller coaster and one day you’ll feel like you’re killin’ it and the next day like a total flop.   In order to grow you have to push through the hard days and keep going.” - @pinterestingplans

Michelle of More than a Fashion Blog

“I would say my top tip is to engage with your followers! If someone leaves a comment on a post or sends me a direct message, I will always respond to them. People like to know they are following a real person so respond to their comments, DMs, or even go to their page and genuinely comment on one of their pictures. It shows that you value and appreciate them as a follower.” - @morethanafashionblog

Diane of Style Context

“If you’re starting a fashion Instagram, don’t be intimidated - there’s room for everyone! The best advice I learned is to be consistent. Post every day. The most successful people post 2-3x times a day. I know it’s hard, and I don’t do it myself because I work full-time, but it’s a long-term goal of mine. Another piece of advice? Engage as much as you can and collaborate!” - @stylecontext

fashion bloggers share their best tips and tricks for a successful instagram account
fashion bloggers share their best tips and tricks for a successful instagram account
fashion bloggers share their best tips and tricks for a successful instagram account