Lightroom Presets Installation FAQ (for Desktop and Mobile)

lightroom preset installation instructions

So you purchased Girlcrush Presets, yay!

After purchasing the preset(s), you will receive a PDF. The PDF contains a link to the Dropbox folder that contains both a .dng file (for installing in Lightroom Mobile) and a .xmp file (for installing in Lightroom CC).

Video Installation Tutorial:


How do I download the preset file on my phone?

  1. Receive your download email

  2. Open the PDF

  3. Click on the Dropbox link

  4. Each preset includes one .dng file (for mobile) and one .xmp file (for computer)

  5. Select the .dng file

  6. It will say “this file can’t be previewed” - this is okay!

  7. Click the (...) icon in the top right corner

  8. Click export > open in > save to files OR save image

lightroom preset installation instructions

How to I open the preset file in the Lightroom Mobile App?

  1. Open Lightroom Mobile

  2. Click on the (...) settings button and tap add photos then from files or from camera roll (wherever you saved your preset initially)

  3. Choose the location on your phone where you downloaded your preset files

  4. Double click on the presets .dng file that you would like to work with

  5. .dng file will install in Lightroom Mobile (it will now appear as an image)

  6. Tap the .dng image to open it

  7. Click on the (...) settings button and choose “create preset”

  8. Type in the name for the preset, then tap the check in the top right corner

  9. Choose a picture you would like to edit in Lightroom Mobile

  10. On the bottom toolbar, select Presets and apply your new preset!

lightroom presets mobile installation
lightroom preset installation instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Help! I cannot unzip the folder!

If you’re trying to unzip a folder on your mobile device, you will need to download an unzip app. We recommend WinZip.

Do I have to do it on my laptop first or is there a way for me to just on my iPhone?

You can do it either way!

I am struggling to download the files on my phone! What else can I do?

No worries, this is not your only option! Open the PDF on your desktop and go to the Dropbox folder. Download the .dng file to your desktop. If you have a Mac/iPhone, you can simply airdrop the file to your phone. Otherwise, you can email the .dng file to your phone and open it from there.

The file is saving as a blank image! This doesn’t seem right!

I know it’s weird, but you’re doing it right! When you go to open the blank image in Lightroom, you’ll see it in your camera roll as a black image that says “dng.” Once it’s imported into Lightroom Mobile, you’ll see the image! Then follow the instructions above!

This is because your phone only reads .jpg and .png images. .dng is for Lightroom, it will not show up until it is in your Lightroom library.