Instagram Story Ideas

Create a Daily Question/Survey

When it comes to everyday engagement, you’ll want to ask questions that fit that specific day. Holidays can be a no brainer - but what about during an average week? Use #MondayMotivation and post what that means to you and ask your audience what theirs is, too! Need some more help? Maybe use #WineWednesdays to show off a pic of you sippin’ on rose and see what your audience is drinking, too. Or one of our favs is #AskMeAnythingFridays where you use the question feature to gain engagement from your viewers!

Story Time

Anything in particular going on in your life? What about a crazy current event that just happened that you have part of? Record yourself and put it out there! As human beings, we have a natural instinct to want to know what’s going on in other people’s lives. So telling a story about you or something you are passionate about, your viewers will eat it up!

Share a Step-by-Step Process

A step-by-step process doesn’t have to sound scary and be a lot to process. They can be so easy thanks to Instagram stories! You can take screenshots and show how to make an Instagram highlight. Making something super Insta-worthy for dinner? Walk us through how you’re making it! Or to give more insight into your life, show us a step-by-step in your morning or daily routine!

Shoutout Your Favorite Accounts

Isn’t it the best feeling when someone sends you love out of the blue?! Well, send that feeling to some of your favorite accounts! Tag them along with their feed, biz or blog, or website to promote the awesome content that you love. You can even do a little #WCW to a handful of your fellow boss babes, too! And if someone has done one for you, reciprocating that love would be super sweet!

Use the Tools!

Use what your Instagram gave ya! The poll option is a great way to get quick and easy engagement from your viewers - it’s just a click! You can ask them things like “What should I wear today - the red or green dress?” You can even ask just the question with no choices with the “Ask A Question” tab. Cheersing to a girls night out? Make a boomerang! Driving downtown at night with all the lights glowing? Add music to a video - we recommend anything Cardi B! Need something to add zest to a cute lil selfie you got going on? Use the GIF search bar to add a “YAS QUEEN” quote!

Use Templates

Templates are so much fun when it comes to Instagram stories. Everyone can participate and are available to anyone. Our favs are the holiday themed ones where you pick out all of your favorite Christmas traditions or a Fall “to do” list. There’s tons to choose from: fill-in-the-blanks, this or that, which are you, or you can even make your own for your followers! Here at InstaCrush, we have some adorable templates that we’ve made. Click here to see ‘em!

Document a Trip

Going on a tropical vacation or a gals trip for the weekend? Take some videos to post on your story! Document you packing and getting ready for your flight! Make sure you show the events you’re at or shows your seeing - or even the process of getting to there! You will also have some awesome memories to look back on later. Taking videos will not only get others an inside scoop to see what you’re doing, but it will also hype you up for your trip!

Sharing Quotes or Lyrics

Sharing a quote or lyric that gets your vibe is an awesome way for your viewers to see your feed’s mood upfront. They can also offer advice or motivation for your fellow boss babes. Go into Canva and create one for yourself with your favorite T-Swift lyric or a motivational Oprah quote! We also offer some awesome quotes in InstaCrush along with graphics you can match up and make your own!


Just like a shout out for your online gal-pals, show yourself the same love! When a new blog post or video goes up, screenshot or if you have the swipe-up feature, promote it! If your website recently got a new renovation you can screen record to show off the revamp. If you are an influencer, don’t forget to post you with products sent to you or discount codes for your audience. And always use their handle in the story that way they can repost and promote you in return!

About Me!

And most importantly, make sure you post information about yourself! A fun way to do this is to repost a picture that has traits about your enneagram, Myers-Briggs, or astrological sign! There are a ton of accounts that are exclusive to each of those. You can even share some of your favorites like food, seasons, and places to work. Have a pet? Everybody loves pets! Share pics of your little fur-babies and their little lives. Let your audience in on the brains behind the fabulous Instagram that you are creating! It allows them to know and feel trust between the two of you. And the more personable and transparent you are, the more they will love following you and your adventures!