Understanding Your Analytics

Analytics. Sounds pretty intimidating and overwhelming, huh? Well we’re going to break it down and simplify it for you, because understanding your analytics is KEY to success.

You have two great options for tracking your analytics:

  • Your Instagram Business Account

  • Iconosquare

Instagram Analytics


The activity section shows you statistics on how your overall account is performing on Instagram.

Here, you’ll find statistics on:

  • How many users viewed your profile

  • How many users clicked the link in your bio

  • How many users clicked on your email address/phone number/location

You’ll see the stats for the current time period and how it compared to the previous time period.

You can see a graph that shows when all of these interactions took place.

The discovery section shows you how many accounts you reached over the time period. You’ll see when you reached the most users and how many impressions your account had.


The content tab shows you data on your specific posts. This is important information as it should help you determine what type of content performs the best on your account.

You can also tap on an individual post to see its stats in detail. Under this tab, you’ll also find information on Instagram Stories.

Use this data to find the content that’s performing best for you, and look for trends that can help you discover why.


The final insights tab is Audience. This, of course, shows you data on your audience. It starts with how many followers and how many followers you gained or lost over the past week.

You can see the locations in which most of your followers live in - view by city or country. If you tap on the bar, you’ll see the percentage of your followers that are from that location.

Below that is data on the ages of your followers. You can view this information by gender.

You can see your followers by gender.

Lastly, you’ll see the time of day each day in which your followers are most active! This is an important statistic because it can help you determine when to post each day, based on when your followers are most active.


Iconosquare is a free third-party analytics tool that has premium options as well. It’s highly recommended if you’d like to thoroughly analyze your Instagram. It’s also an official partner of Instagram, which is always great because you don’t have to worry about the third-party app affecting your Instagram account.


Your overview shows you your total followers, your evolution (growth/loss), your impressions, your reach, and your average engagement rate by post. You can view these stats for different periods of time, such as last 7 days or last 30 days.

You can see the average love rate by post (Average love rate for the posts published over the chosen period. The love rate of a specific post is based on the likes received divided by the number of followers at the time of the post.)

Your average talk rate by post (Average talk rate for the posts published over the chosen period. The talk rate of a specific post is based on the comments received divided by the number of followers at the time of the post.) and your average engagement on reach (The average of engagements on reach per post published over the period. The engagement on reach of a post is the total engagement divided by the reach.)


Your community page will show you a graph of your follower growth for your specified period of time. You’ll also see a graph with the age and gender of your followers and a graph of the languages spoken by your followers.

There is also a map of the world that highlights your top countries and top cities so you can see where your followers are located!



View your post history and your post distribution. There’s a graph that shows you which filters you use most, and how that impacts your engagement.

Your post density graph shows you how many posts you share each day of the week. You can also view statistics on the hashtags that you use and how it’s impacting your engagement.


This is a really important one! View how many likes and comments that you received in your specified time period.

instagram analytics
instagram analytics