How To Change the Colors in an Image

Stock photos are great, but if your brand’s colors are blue and green, those beautiful pink stock photos won’t be very useful, right? Wrong! We’re going to teach you two different ways to replace the colors in a photo - one for editing on your computer and one for editing on your phone.

How to replace colors on your computer:

  1. Go to - Pixlr is a free, online tool that is almost as powerful as PhotoShop. One of it’s most popular tools is the color replacer tool.

  2. Upload your photo

  3. Select the color replace tool from the toolbar

  4. Hover over your image - this will give you the option to resize your brush

  5. Use the color selector to pull up the color palettes and choose your new color. Alternatively, you can hold down the command key to bring up the eyedropper and choose a color directly from your image.

  6. Adjust your tolerance and begin painting the new color onto the area that you’d like to change

pixlr+tutorial (1).png

How to replace colors on your phone:

  1. Download the free app Photoshop Fix

  2. Upload your photo

  3. Select paint from the toolbar on the bottom of the screen

  4. Use the tools on the left to  change the size, hardness, opacity, and color

  5. To use a color from your image, select pick color from the bottom toolbar

  6. Paint over your photo in the desired places

  7. Use the restore tool to erase any mistakes from painting

    Note: Be sure that blend is selected!! Otherwise you’ll just paint over your image!


Pixlr vs. Photoshop Fix

There are pros and cons to each tool. Being aware of these will help you decide which tool is right for you! In Pixlr, colors only replace your target color, meaning you won’t color over the wrong places. In Photoshop Fix, you have to paint over the photo very carefully and may have to erase parts! However, Photoshop Fix is mobile, so it’s a bit more convenient. They’re both free, so try them each out and figure out which tool is right for you!