Curation vs. Creation

There has always been the debate of what exactly is the difference between creating content versus curating content and what should a business owner do with either. Both ways of presenting content have their own special essences they can provide for your biz!

Here’s the breakdown:


For creating content, it is always a great way to show the world exactly what it is that you can make. You show your audience that you are capable of making relatable, self-branded material that allows for your individuality and creative side to shine through.

At the end of the day, your creations are just that - yours. No need to be asking for permission to post or worry about a copywriting infringement. Because of your full ownership, you get full rights and full profit from your products.

Viewers like to see your own special take on content, too, so it shows them that you don’t always have to rely on other brands to provide good content for you or your business!

And you will never have to worry if you feel like something is off brand for you and your audience. If you’re making it, you’re feelin’ it!


When it comes to curation, think of it as a semi-collaboration with other like-minded businesses! You are building a relationship with another biz babe and it shows that you are down for a potential exchange with each other, whatever that may look like.

Curation provides an outlet to your audience because each, individual brand is not the end-all, be-all of that specific brand. So maybe you are creating content that your viewers love, but if you can also redirect them to someone else who makes similar content, that gives them a lot more things to choose from.

To be completely honest, no one can do 100% of everything within a business. That’s why they have employees! With curation, it saves you brainpower, time, and stress from deadlines you have set.

So Which Is Better?

Just like everything in life, there needs to be some sort of balance and every program will tell you different. What we recommend here at InstaCrush is 60% curated, 40% created.

It’s all about give and take, but also know that you shouldn’t accomplish everything by yourself - you’ll just run your awesome brain dry!

Just remember that if you’re curating content, to always ask for permission and to credit the creators! And for creating work, make sure your own personal tag can be easily found in case someone does use without permission!