How To Grow Your Email List With Instagram

Building your email list can feel very challenging at times. But while you’re building an audience in other places (i.e. Instagram), you might as well encourage them to join your email list! When someone chooses to follow you, they’ve signaled that they are interested in you/your brand. Chances are, with a good enough lead, they’d join your email list too.

Maybe you’re thinking, “I am growing my Instagram, why do I need to grow my email list too?”

Great question. Instagram owns your Instagram account. They can choose to shut down your account at any time. This goes for all social media platforms. Your email list is the one and only asset that you truly own. No matter how new your business or blog is, you should be growing your email list. Also, the average ROI for an email list is significantly higher than any social media ROI!

Haven’t started an email list yet? We highly recommend ConvertKit!

So, here are some great ways to entice your Instagram followers to join your email list:

Landing page in your bio

You want to make it as easy as possible for your followers to join your email list. Having a complicated opt-in process will cause followers to exit before leaving their email which is an unnecessary loss of a potential subscriber.

The easiest way for someone to subscribe to your email list is by providing a direct link to your landing page. Don’t have an Instagram landing page? Click to read the Instagram landing page lesson.

Reason to leave Instagram

People receive tons of emails, so it’s very rare for someone to just give out their email for no good reason. You’ll have a significantly easier time growing your list by offering your followers something in return for their email address.   

Mention it often

No one can sign up for your email list if they don’t know about it! Be sure to direct your followers to your bio so they can sign up. Mention it in the captions of your posts as well as in your Instagram stories. If you have 10,000+ followers, you can even insert a link into your stories so all your followers have to do is swipe up.

Run ads

Boosting an Instagram post about your email list is a great way to get new subscribers. Even just $5 can go far on Instagram! And you can target users pretty specifically, so you know you’re reaching your ideal audience.