How To Write Engaging Captions

We’ve all been there, right? The struggle is real when it comes to writing the perfect Instagram captions. Do we use a song lyric or a cheesy motivational line? Do we go with something Drake would be proud of or our Mama? Don’t you worry one little bit, little bit! We got some fabulous tips on writing a killer caption that will interest your audience and be related to your content, too!

Start with your content

Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What/who is in this picture?

  2. What do I want my audience to take from it?

  3. Can I tie in a recent life experience with this picture?

Asking those three questions will give you some sort of insight as to what you should caption your pic. You don’t have to implement all three questions - one is enough! But if your creative mindset is in hyperdrive, then go all in, my girl!

Listen to music while writing

Whether you’re the kind to preplan your Instagram feed with apps or you like to feel how the day is going to determine your posts, music is one of the best ways you can discover what message you want to convey or even to feel inspired by lyrics. While doing your work, have your fav music playing app in the background with a playlist that you’re feeling. If you’re feeling energized and excited - listen to some pop or your favorite 90s/early 2000s throwbacks. If you want a more serious vibe, turn on coffeehouse tunes to flow with your thoughts. And at the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with using lyrics. I mean, have you heard Ari’s “Sweetener”? You better believe I’m using her lyrics for every post for the rest of the year.

Think about your brand.

So what is that message that you send to your audience every time you post? That you’re a mom with a plan and want to upkeep wholesome content with a warming, inspiring vibe? Or how about a boss a$$ woman who likes to keep it uplifting with a hustler’s mindset? Depending on what you’ve determined, you can go from there. Think outside the box with it. And sometimes, go outside of your brand! Changing up your style here and there won’t hurt anyone (honestly, it’ll keep things interesting!)

Research, Research, Research!

Listen up! I’m going to tell you this tip while everyone else may never like to admit it.

Look up your inspirations online! Go through their feeds and see what is working for them. Granted, their brand and ideas are their own, so don’t be a complete copy-cat. However, if you see little things in their captions that you also do (or would like to incorporate) find a way to make it unique to you and your brand!

For me, I like to go to other female bloggers and see the types of things they say for people to start conversations in the comments. And listen, if you feel a little guilty for rebranding an idea of theirs, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a comment or a DM of you giving them a thank you and heads up!

Feel better, my girl? Good! Because YOU got this. And I mean, if all else fails, that’s what we’re here for. Head on over to our Fill-in-the-blank captions or our Quote Vault if you need a little lift. ;)