How To Use Instagram Live for Business

Instagram is always out here throwing curve balls from left-field at us. Whether it is changing up the algorithm, adding a new function, or doing whatever they feel like that day, we sometimes get left in the dust if we’re not on top of it! But there is one essential tool that is changing the game for all Instagrammers that is here to stay: Instagram Live.

We all know it, heck, we might have even watched a few live videos ourselves. But, can you use it to help grow your business? Damn right you can!

Just like if you were to go on it for personal use and just virtually hang out with your Internet friends and show them what you’re doing, you can do the same for your biz!

It can seem super intimidating, don’t get us wrong! Showing your beautiful face to all your followers to talk to them about important, new, or exciting things you’re planning can be a little stressful if you think about it too much. But there’s nothing to be anxious about, my dears! We’re going to keep it real with you so that you can make leaps and bounds with using this tool alone.

Here are a couple tips to help make Instagram Live seem not so scary for a business babe like you:

  • Be Transparent

    • Starting off very blunt, we know. But if you are transparent from the moment a follow decides to join your Instagram Live, you are significantly more likely to keep them on for the rest of the broadcast. If you acknowledge why you’re broadcasting, what your goal is, and who you are, your audience will feel trust within you and that is where you start to build a relationship. Being open about any kind of ups and downs or even anxiety you may be feeling will give your audience an inside look into your life, which makes them compelled to put more trust and fascination into your work. As human beings, we are nosy by nature! Showing off a piece of your inner workings will give your peeps a taste inside the person they want to follow, leaving them more of you to wonder about! Always leave them wanting more!

  • Get Engaging

    • Ask your followers for advice. Tell them a story they can all relate to. Have them follow you over to your blog or website to get feedback. Ask for opinions on blog topics. When you have a decent amount of people watching your Instagram Live, start by asking them some questions. This kind of interaction makes your audience feel like they have a personal relationship with you and makes them want to follow your stuff even more so! Call people out by their handles if they have questions or offer some good insight to your topics. Get to know your audience, ask where they are, favorite holidays, plans for the weekend. Ask something to get them comfortable with you where you can offer a fruitful, engaging conversation back. If you are always on a broadcast never acknowledging your audience, you are missing the whole point of Instagram Live!

  • For Product Based Businesses: Strut Your Stuff!

    • If you sell individual items or have some sort of products based in your biz, show them off! If you have a new item in the works, show the blueprints and the beta-testers for it. Don’t you love it when Kylie teases her new lipsticks? Get in that mindset! You can even show a behind-the-scenes look for what it takes for you to create an idea and make that into something physical. Get creative with it - there’s no wrong way with showing how you make your own stuff!

  • For Service Based Businesses: Clientele Chit-Chat!

    • If you work with people more so than you do with physical products, try shouting out your clients! You can even ask one or two of them if they would like to join your broadcast by collabing them together into the livestream. This shows potential clients and your audience that you have a talking resume. Although you may post referrals and shout outs from your clients, nothing is better than hearing that positive reinforcement straight from the horse’s mouth! Can’t get them to show their pretty faces on Live? That’s fine! Ask if they would be able to hop on the chat box and let their opinions be known!

  • Have Fun With It!

    • It really doesn’t need to be all business, all the time. Girl, give yourself a break! As if you were literally just talking into your camera, don’t think too hard about what you need to show your audience. As long as you don’t come out offending everyone left and right, you’re going to be just fine! Your followers follow you for a reason - for Y O U. So, whatever you have to share with them, don’t think it will be the end of the world if you don’t nail this exact broadcast. Instagram is here to stay for a while, so you’ll have plenty of chances to do as many Instagram Lives as your little heart desires! And even though it’s just our opinion, we would personally LOVE to see all of y’alls beautiful faces on Live every damn day!

We hope that you have found insight on Instagram Live with these tidbits of info! At the end of the day, as long as you are having fun and doing what you love, what else really matters?!