How to Create an Instagram Landing Page

One of the major bummers about Instagram is that you can only put one link in your profile. And you can’t put any links at all in your captions. So basically, all of your posts need to direct to one single link. Chances are high that you have multiple places that you’d like to drive traffic to, so creating a landing page is a great option!

What is an Instagram landing page? Well, it’s really whatever you want it to be! You create a new page on your website that is not linked to your main navigation and insert whatever you’d like to drive traffic to. This could be blog posts, your shop, your freebies, your other social media platforms, etc.

Creating a landing page will be different for different website platforms.


If you use Squarespace, creating a landing page is super simple - go to the backend of your site, go to pages, then scroll down to unlinked pages. Add a new page there.


If you use Wordpress, you’ll want to go to the backend of your site and create a new page.

The biggest benefit to creating your landing page on your own website is just that - it’s your own website! You’ve already got your followers where you want them and don’t face the risk of them leaving along the way.

But if you’re not tech-savvy at all, have no fear.

There is a very simple alternative called It is a free tool that allows you to create a list of links to send your followers to. There’s an option to upgrade to a premium plan ($6/mo) which gives you some more options. The downside is that there is much less customization than if you create your own landing page.

instagram+landing+page (1).png

Designing Your Landing Page

Designing your landing page is very much up to you and your taste. However, there are some standards you’ll want to follow:

  • Keep it clean and simple - when sending your followers to your links, you don’t want to distract them

  • Use just one column, no rows

  • Use your colors and branding - stay cohesive

  • Don’t share too many links, it can be overwhelming

  • Be sure to add the links to your other social media accounts