How To Make Your Instagram Story Longer Than 15 Seconds

Instagram stories are cut off at 15 seconds. So how come you see some that are longer? Well, there are ways around it! Here's what to do if you want to share a video to your story that is longer than 15 seconds:

Because Instagram stories are 15 seconds, you will have to split your video into 15-second clips. This is actually much easier than it sounds!

How to split a video:

  1. Record your video on your phone camera (not on Instagram as it will cut off at 15 seconds)

  2. Download the free app CutStory for Instagram Stories

  3. Open the app

  4. Select the video icon in the bottom left corner

  5. Choose the video that you would like to split

  6. You have the option to add stickers, text, and background music, but it is optional

  7. Click on the save icon in the bottom right corner when you're ready to split the video

  8. Select the duration you'd like it cut into. In this case, you'll select Instagram

long instagram story
long instagram story

How to upload the clips to Instagram:

  1. Open the Instagram app

  2. Pull up your videos by clicking the icon in the bottom left corner

  3. Select the first clip

  4. Add it to your story by clicking the plus icon in the bottom left corner

  5. Repeat for the rest of your clips!

long instagram story