Determining Your Target Audience on Instagram

In any business, you get struck with the idea of “how, who, what, when, where” while thinking about your ideal buyer. Sometimes you get stuck thinking, “Who am I really targeting here?” To be honest, so many businesses fail because they never elaborate on who they are selling to. They try to reach as many people as they can rather than finding birds of a feather who will stay loyal. There will always be those one-time buyers, but it is your loyal ones that will make you the money, honey! So, let’s get you one step closer to finding your ideal tribe and get your company up and going!

First off, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Who would I want to benefit from my products?

  2. Is there competition?

  3. Will my buyers come back?

So, who is it that you want to sell to? For us, we’re not going to try to sell InstaCrush to 65 year old men who don’t own smartphones. (Not saying that’s one of our dads or anything…) Who we market ourselves to are Millennial aged women who own businesses, blogs, or anything within the online-sphere. Pretty niche, right? Get into that headspace where you think about every little detail of a person you want to sell to. Heck, even give her a name! Make it so realistic to you that you believe this is a real person you are about to sell to. Give her a personality, an identity, and a purpose. Because if you can think of a person who fits that, there are bound to be hundreds, even thousands, just like her!

Making a perfect target audience is going to take some time, so don’t rush it. Not only that, but be sure this is an audience that you feel comfortable selling to. Don’t risk being true to who you are for a couple extra bucks. Authenticity goes a long ways!

Once you figured out your perfect audience to sell to, check out your analytics to see if it’s working out. You’re going to have to be patient for this one because great things take time. But, if you really aren’t seeing any progress with sales, you might want to rethink some things.

Do your research, take your time, and look out for flaws you might have missed that competitors might be succeeding with. You need to show your uniqueness in any possible way to make potential buyers look at you before they even consider anyone else. Look at your brand from an outsider’s perspective and try to identify why or why not someone would consider you over another business! Some examples could include: “I offer a more personable service than others,” ; “My style initially is more attractive,” ; “My products offer an unique take on a service over a traditional way.”

When selling your products, you want to make sure that not only that your consumers will enjoy it, but also try to have them come back for more. One-time buyers are great for extra pocket money, but they won’t be the reason for your success. However, loyal members are what keeps your business steady and growing. Focus on and take care of them. These are the people who will shout you out on social media, be your examples of what’s working, and be your voice of reason when things need to change. Always listen to your tribe for everything good, bad, and in between!

Working on what your idealized audience may seem like a lot of work, but when you get your mind into your biz game, it is all smooth riding from there! You are going to totally crush it when you uncover your picture-perfect tribe. Do what you love and your supporters will follow you along the way!