VSCO Tutorial

VSCO (short for Visual Supply Company) is a powerful photography app for iPhones and Androids. It’s simple to use for both shooting and editing photos. The subtle filters and presets are far superior to most of the other photo editing apps out there, which often have harsh, dramatic filters.

When editing your photos, there are tools for manually adjusting the images and there are lots of filters (referred to as Presets). First you’ll want to pull up a photo to edit.

If you take a photo using VSCO:

It will be saved to your studio, which is the double square icon located on the bottom.

If you’d prefer to import an existing photo:

Tap the + icon in the top right corner of the studio window. This will bring you to your camera roll. Tap your image to import it to the VSCO studio.

VSCO tutorial

To begin editing a photo:

To select an image to edit, tap it in your studio. The image will become highlighted and the icons on the bottom of the screen will change. Tap on the second icon to the left, the adjustments icon, to begin editing.

To begin editing, apply a preset (filter) to your photo. VSCO comes with free presets as well as the option to purchase more.

To view the presets, tap the icon in the bottom left corner (the square with the three dots below). Then you’ll see all of the available presets and you can tap each one to see how it looks.

Once you have selected a preset, you can adjust the strength of the filter by tapping it a second time. This will allow you to adjust the intensity.

The app also has a toolkit that provides even more adjustments, such as exposure, contrast, fade, clarity, skin tone, temperature, and more. To access these tools, tap the second icon to the left on the bottom of the screen.

Creating and Using Recipes

Recipes allow you to easily edit and recreate your favorite looks. This is such an awesome feature because when you create a look that you love, you can save the exact edits that you used so you can easily apply it to other photos. It’s a great way to keep your photos consistent and your Instagram feed cohesive!

How to create a recipe:

  1. After editing an image, tap on the circular arrow icon on the bottom of the screen (3rd icon) then tap on the “+” to create a recipe.

  2. Once the recipe is created, you will see it in your recipe dock. Tap on the X to exit the edit view.

How to apply a recipe:

  1. Tap on an image in your VSCO studio, then tap on the edit icon (2nd to the left).

  2. Tap on the circular arrow icon on the bottom of the screen (3rd icon).

  3. Tap the recipe you’d like to apply.