Make Your Bio a Priority

When we think of Instagram, we focus most on content and building a following, but we don’t take time to realize how important the bio is. This is your first impression to keep a new client, to add a new follower, to drive a new sale to your brand!

Make it a priority to make sure you are on your A+ game on your bio!

5 Important Key Factors

  1. Who are you?

  2. What do you do?

  3. What Value can you provide to your target audience?

  4. Do you have a call to action in your bio?

  5. Do you have your location + any easy way to contact you?

Who are you?

This is huge: who are you? What makes you different? Are you a health coach, a blogger (specific niche), a medical provider, a brand?

Example: I am a blogger, so the first line in my bio is Mindset + Self Care Blogger

I also added in the name field Mindset and Marketing!


What do you do?

This is important because when someone comes to your platform, they will know right away if they are your type of person or if they want be part of your community. This allows you to keep followers who will engage with you.

Example: On my Business Instagram, I add what services I provide - Social Media Management and Social Media Tips. I also add that I help small business owners tame the chaos. This way, my target is anyone who would need social media tips or social media services. This is a good way to showcase your skills or your zone of genius!


What value can you provide for your target audience?

This is really important because if we become to salesy, people will be turned off. In today’s day and age, we want connection. We want to know what value we are getting from everything that we do. In the example above, you saw that I do provide social media services, but you also saw that I made it a point to say I provide social media tips. This is important because while I do have a service, but I also provide value and education daily for free!

Do you have a call to action in your bio?

Always have a link in your bio, whether it’s to your latest blog post, to a special going-on, a link to your service page, sign up forms and YES - FREEBIES! Later has a link in bio where you can link each of your posts to a relevant URL. It’s definitely good for multiple offers!

If you want to lead your audience to multiple links, be sure to check out the lesson How to Create an Instagram Landing Page.

Do you have your location or any easy way to contact you?

Make sure you contact information is easily accessible and add your location if it relevant to your business. This way people in your area can find you, and potential clients / collaboration opportunities can contact you quickly and efficiently.