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maddie clark

I'm Maddie Clark and an Arizona native. I lived and went to college in New York City but now will be living in Las Vegas! My obsessions include my pup Hollywood, white wine, and writing about living life openly and honestly. I've been described as a shot of Fireball with a kind heart and a sailor's mouth - and that's just from my mom.

I love being blunt in my writing because I feel like all of us can relate to those thoughts we have, but are never willing to say out loud. Well, I'm your girl to help you find your voice, or you can always use mine if you don't think you can.

I'm all about beautiful boss babes supporting other amazing boss babes - we have each other's backs over here! So happy that you're here on the page & hope you enjoy the fabulous content we all work on so that you can be the best Insta-you! xoxo!


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